Zebra Star Limpet


Some shells are pretty, some shells are shiny, some shells… are absolutely stunning! Shop this gorgeous zebra star limpet & more beautifully ugly shells!



As unique as fingerprints, the intricate patterns on limpets like this Okinawa Star Limpet are absolutely beautiful. Black, white, and brown coloring make this a gorgeous piece of artwork. Great compliment to neutral decor!

The science bit: Limpets are a “univalve” mollusk, as opposed to “bivalve”. Roughly conical and patteliform (which means no whorls like a “normal” snail), limpets come in a variety of colors and patterns. They attach to hard surfaces using the suction of a strong foot combined with adhesive mucus. They can move around, but tend to do so slowly, and are not attached permanently like oysters. In fact, they must move, since they live by scraping algae off of rocks, etc. They manage the scraping with a toothed radula, said teeth being constantly worn down and replaced. If they are stuck on something, however, they can be nearly impossible to remove. Stubborn sea critters…

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