Scallop on Sand “Edge of Purple”


If you are always drawn to cooling purples, this is the scallop for you! From a distance it didn’t look like much but nestled on sugar white sand it becomes edgy and beautiful!



Live life on the edge, this scallop shell certainly does! What looked like a dull scrap of brown shell turned out to be a rich purple piece of scallop. More than just delicious, scallops often feature gorgeous colors, unique patterns, and come in lots of sizes!

The science bit: A scallop is a bivalve clam, but has a different lifestyle than most. It is a filter feeder, but lives exclusively on top of the sand or in sea grass beds. It has a row of tiny eyes always on the lookout for predatory snails, and when threatened, it will clap its shells together several times and literally “swim” away from danger. Although superficially resembling cockles, it is also distinguished by the presence of auricles (“ears”) on the hinge end. In addition to being super cool swimmy lookers, they are super delicious. #baconwrapped #panseared #yum


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