Sargasso Weed “Disco Ball”


Disco! Disco! mmmm chhhh mmmm chhhh… you can almost hear the party going on around this bit of sargasso seaweed. The ordinary can be so beautiful!



Check out this bit of sargasso weed turned disco ball! From dancing in the waves to becoming the life of the party under a microscope. Such an unexpectedly pretty image from one of those boring brown floating clumps.

The science bits: Sargasso (or sargassum) Weed is a type of brown seaweed (macro-algae) distinguished among the seaweeds by living exclusively afloat, never attached to the bottom. In color, it varies from brown to yellow to green, with leaf-like blades and bulbous flotation structures. Each clump of sargasso weed is a little ecosystem. That floating blob of tough seaweed often has passengers: tiny crabs and shrimp, worms, little fish, bryozoans and even other types of seaweed. Bryozoan, tiny colonial animal, is found either “encrusting” (the lacy kind) on other sea life or “branching” off of other things. They are so small that they have no heart, no blood, no gills. They have tiny tentacles to funnel in tinier food that floats by.

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