“Rusty” Cockle Shell


Mother Nature, the artist…Just look at this this rusty cockle shell image. Zoomed in to 200% to see waves, patterns, & textures even on this little scrap!



This vivid rusty colored cockle shell brings the colors of fire and earth together into the perfect storm of lovely texture. Just look at the colors, pattern, and subtle waves in this photo!

The science bits: Cockle Shell Clams vary in sizes. Their shells feature heavy ribs fanning out from the hinge end, and a high dome which can close completely. Cockles are heart-shaped when connected and closed. There are many species of cockles including smooth and spiny varieties. They can grow to be quite large, and those you find on the beach can be the size of a soup bowl!

This Ugly Shell is just a piece of a much larger shell, but it carries a bit of that beauty found in the lost whole.

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