Living Moon


Moon snails… killers of the seas, inflaters of the foot, drillers of the seafood snacks! This live moon snail has decided to explore the world under my microscope. Isn’t he cool?



Moon snails are some of the most fascinating killers in the sea. Killer snail? Is that like the vicious bunny of Monty Python fame? Well…the next time you take a long walk on the beach pick up a handful of shells, if you see a perfectly round beveled hole, you are most likely looking at a moon snail victim/delicious snack. Check out some more information about the majestic moon snail here. 

This particular moon snail is different from some of the cracked or broken ones we have featured before… this one is ALIVE! The blurry edges are actually the snail’s foot out of the house and almost completely enveloping the shell. Moon snails are able to pop back inside or keep their shells shiny and beautiful by inflating or deflating their bodies with available sea water. That same blurry goo envelopes unsuspecting prey and allows the moon snail to drill a hole and slurp up its next meal with ease.

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