Galactic Oyster Shell


What looks like the layers of the universe in miniature? Oysters certainly do! Iridescence makes a beautiful starry night when viewed under a microscope!



Oyster shells are outta this world! This Galactic oyster shell looks like the credits to a hit sci-fi movie or crazy dream.

The science bit: The Oyster is a sessile bivalve that is permanently attached by one valve to a hard substrate in the intertidal zone. The inner surface is smooth and iridescent nacre (AKA “mother of pearl”). Oysters are filter-feeders that uses cilia to draw water (40-50 gallons per day) across their gills. Small plankton are trapped in mucus which is then transported to the mouth and digestive system. In addition to filtering all that water, oysters provide a habitat for lots of others organisms like small crustaceans, worms, algae, barnacles, and even other oysters use the hard shells as permanent landing zones.

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