Orange Crossbar Venus


This is an ugly Crossbar Venus Shell…but we think it looks great! Check out the beauty in faded beauty, the patterns that run deep, and the magic of nature!



This Venus Crossbar shell has been around and around and around… Edges have lost their sharpness and colors have dulled, but we think it’s still beautiful! If you tend to be drawn to geometric shapes and earthy tones this Orange Crossbar Venus Print is the perfect fit for you!

The science bit: The Venus clam is a bivalve, but instead of having ridges radiating from the hinge end, it has ridges formed in concentric circles. The Venus is like a surf clam, but smaller and with a thicker shell. Some are “cross-barred,” with additional widely-spaced ridges perpendicular to the concentric ones. On some beaches, it seems as if they must be the favorite food of moon snails, since so many of them have beveled holes drilled into them…

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