Cracked Cone Shell Minimalist


This cracked cone shell has a sweeping, elegant simplicity that could compliment almost any space. Shells like this deserve a closer look!



What looks like the wall of a modern art gallery is in fact the inside of a cracked cone shell. Without the microscope this piece of shell still looked like it was in pretty good shape. When you take a closer look, sometimes you find the most elegant shapes like these. This cracked cone shell is a minimalist shot that could quietly grace the walls of almost any space without anyone even knowing it was once a sea shell…

The science bit:┬áCone snails are super interesting…Did you know that they are actually carnivorous? Cone Shells are shaped like a cone (duh), with a short spire which is also conical. They have a narrow aperture with a small operculum (which roughly means door). These warm-water species come in a variety of colors and many have beautiful patterns on their shells. So how does being a carnivorous snail work? The Cone shoots a venom-laced, barbed dart at its prey (anything from worms to fish). It can shoot in any direction, and a big one can even kill a human being. So, if you see a live one NEVER PICK IT UP. #hardcoresnails


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