Barnacles In Black & White


Who ever thought barnacles could be beautiful? We did! Barnacles attach to almost everything in the ocean, and they can also make for some interesting art.



Classic simplicity in grey, black, and white make barnacles beautiful! These little guys seem to stick to everything from dock posts to boat bottoms, but look a little closer…Beyond being a bit of a pain sometimes, these little guys are actually pretty cool looking!

The science bit: A barnacle, according to my former Professor Agassiz, is “a shrimp-like animal that stands on its head in a stone house kicking food into its mouth.”

Here is a poem for you about the barnacle:


It might be fun, it might be neat

If you ate dinner with your feet.

You might think it’s strange, I know,

But for a barnacle, ’tis so.

It glues its head on something hard,

And builds a stony “house,” no yard.

This house has “doors.” It must be so:

So it can hide when tides are low.

Its house can’t move. That’s true….BUT

Be careful touching: IT CAN CUT!

It does not swim, but it’s no wimp.

It’s really sort of like a shrimp.

With jointed legs and feathered feet,

It kicks in food it likes to eat.

If you see a barnacle on some driftwood,

Please be respectful, as you should.

No longer a mystery, it’s the Natural History

Of  “What Befell the Shell.”

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